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Rays of the Absolute

Ribhu Gita

nirgun john describes the Ribhu Gita as revolutionary, and calls it his favorite gita. Below is a recorded reading of an abridged version of the Ribhu Gita.

Heart Sutra

The video below is a snippet of a satsang in which nirgun john explains the profound nature of the Heart Sutra. Please also click here to view a number of popular translations of the sutra.

Echoes of the Absolute: Without a Sound — Dr. Stephen Wolinsky

Dr. Stephen Wolinsky

After his awakening, nirgun john found it difficult to describe his experience in words. He found the works of Stephen Wolinsky (a direct disciple of Sri Nisargatta Maharaj) helpful in creating a relatable language in which to speak of his experience. The below audio is a reading by Dr. Wolinsky from his book, Reflections of the Absolute: Without a Mirror

Please click here to be directed to Dr. Wolinsky's website that includes many free downloads. A full audiobook of Rays of the Absolute: A Gita for Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj by Stephen Wolinsky is available on YouTube.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj Archival Film 1979

Leading up to awakening, nirgun john was drawn to the teachings of Sri Nisargatta Maharaj and still loves him as his Guru. nirgun j also mentions that in the modern spiritual market, Maharaj wouldn't be popular because contemporary spiritual seekers would not put up with the noise, smoke and intensity of the environment in which Maharaj taught.