Oh my sweet dream of love perfect, and perfected loss!
Of the colors that form from the
Pull and push combined
Swelling pinwheels of color never seen….
These my electric ….
These my soul knowing….
These the end of any beginning of soul concept idea,
Wrapped in the vastness of Only love and None!
I have captured the color of Systems Solar…
Named their honeymoon stardust!
And forever Only to remember until…
Even this slight magic of the One Magician
So small to compare or consider such…
As the Only Love explodes laughing and dancing on the imagined and unimagined,
leaving the Aloneness dancing, Rejoicing Aloneness!
While in It’s Own Eternal Wonder!
Van sang on waxy disk…
“Didn’t I come to bring you a sense of Wonder?
Didn’t I come to lift your firery vision bright?
Didn’t I come to bring a sense of wonder…?
In the Flame?”
How sublime to find my love so late!
How gold, red, green, and blue!
The flashing of the Only eyes, prior to…
Any consideration of form, other than emptiness, defeats the diamond musings how?
And yet without this display the consideration impossible!
Without any ‘Art Or Argument’…
As the Good Grey sang freely, long before being known in terms of “grey” or “good”!
Without form?
Who then be the Hiding Unnoticed?
Allowing of any imagined, being beyond suchness; foolishness belonging to a ghost…
And any knowledge presented as higher than the Diamond or Heart Sutra?
“Come on!” Such diffidence!
Mutterings of un-ignited soul…
Unable to go back and look again?
Complaining of the apparent pitch of darkness black?
Striking frantically, desperate in the pour of rain!
Pissed-off prayers for soggy wet matchbox…
Until noticing in sudden silence the last of the packaged brood…
One sodden wooden potential flame remaining!
“Shall the final thrall pause to be partner of a warming Sun?”
“Yes this is most appropriate!”
Allowing afterward by happy patience!
The beautiful percussive scratch
Of a perfect match-head sunlight hardened…
A long long ago Destined Flame proclaimed by the Only; a Seed containing Time?
To flash and burst forth a fire, so fine, in the timeless Now!
Space necessary for all and any, itself an imagined appearance!
Silence knows not of even one language!
The Alphabet, far and away truly an unknown, in the view of the Absolute Only…
Always, and during, remaining as Potential…
A Model of Potential, that is not and can, and will Never Be!
Expressed like the stasis of the event horizon of a black hole diamond doorstep,
Whereby everything halts!
And even the children, skipping lightly now, down afternoon streets,
In ultimate joy without hesitation,
Can never advance beyond their wintry dance…
For how can that which never began,
Ever possibly reach fruition?

nirgun john