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nirgun john was born John M. Grenafege. The name “nirgun” means ‘without attributes’, and was given to John by his students. John began his spiritual search at age 16 after he was given the book “Be Here Now” by his older brother. At age 19, he spent a brief period with Transcendental Meditation (TM). In the following years, he learned many other meditation techniques from various teachers.

John later took a monthly correspondence course from Siddha Yoga. As Muktananda had passed, John was initiated by Gurumayi, whom he still loves and honors as his Guru. This initiation gave his practice a new momentum, and shortly afterwards he discovered the teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, whom he also considers his Guru.

Following his Awakening, nirgun john spent four years in silent meditation until Realization. A small group of friends then convinced him to start holding public Satsangs. nirgun john does not affiliate himself with any particular group or religion, but instead he transmits spontaneously to anyone open to receive.

nirgun john currently lives in San Francisco, where he has formed ‘A Bridge to Awareness’. nirgun john welcomes online and personal meetings with all spiritual seekers. All are welcome to attend the free online Satsangs he offers through this website.

A Bridge to Awareness

A Bridge to Awareness (ABTA) was established in February 2012 by a few spiritual friends for the purpose of supporting the teachings of nirgun john with love and gratitude. Our founding member, nirgun john, wishes to help all those who find themselves on the journey towards self-knowledge. ABTA supports this wish by providing a place for the spiritual teaching of nirgun john to bloom in the hearts of those seekers who desire a direct and immediate understanding.

Having someone who is fully self-realized, and transmits freely, can be of tremendous help to those in the thrall of personhood. We are blessed to have nirgun john's shakti, which compels us to recognize Parabrahma. ABTA will provide whatever resources are necessary to make nirgun john's teachings available to those who are prepared to discard the imaginary and embrace the Absolute.

free live satsangs

Every Saturday at 2:30pm PST (Pacific Standard Time), nirgun john gives free online satsangs. All are welcome. No introductions required.

Satsang Link

Passcode: UBb5fE

nirgun john